Selecting Your Entity in the Government Contracting Space

As you set out to begin your next contract or teaming opportunity, one of your first tasks will be to evaluate the choices in structuring your business.   Entity selection is important, as each type of entity carries its own set of legal and tax attributes. Before you consult with your CPA firm and legal counsel,… Read more »

What’s in My Bag | Stay productive

One of my favorite features on is “Show Us Your Bag“. Readers snap a picture of their work or travel bag and discuss the contents, which sometimes provides good insight into improving your work process or findings cool new gadgets to incorporate into your daily routine. The other reason I’m a fan of Show… Read more »

Should I do business with the Government?

This is a frequently asked question for businesses in Washington, D.C., and its surrounding states of Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia.   Yes, there are many rules and regulations which govern selling to or providing services to the U.S. Government, but with the help of qualified professionals and industry wide colleagues, they are manageable. The government… Read more »

A Case for Data Loss Prevention Tools

As a person in the IT field, I typically consider the Silicon corporate giants to be on the razor edge in terms of the technology and tools they’re using on their networks; however, all too often I find that I am seriously mistaken in that assumption. Disruptive Driving On my drive in to the office… Read more »

Should you set up trusts in a more “trust-friendly” state?

While it’s natural to set up trusts in the state where you live, you may be losing out on significant b enefits available in more “trust-friendly” states. For example, some states: Don’t tax trust income, Authorize domestic asset protection trusts, which provide added protection against creditors’ claims, Permit silent trusts, under which beneficiaries need not… Read more »

The Consistency of Change

In 1965 Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel Corporation, famously said that due to the shrinking size of transistors, processors would double in speed every year. While he revised that to every 2 years, 10 years later this prediction held true until about 2009. This was known as Moore’s Law. With the speed of processors becoming… Read more »

Affordable Care Act on life support?

Is the Affordable Care Act on life support? In our continued review of the new administrations impact on taxes we will examine the changes that could result with the repeal of this legislation. The Affordable Care Act Since its enactment, the Republicans have been focused on the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also… Read more »

Chris Pearson to Speak in Loudoun County

Yount, Hyde and Barbour principal, Chris Pearson, CPA, will be speaking in Loudoun County, March 2nd. He will be covering IRS Form Schedule F and other aspects of tax records relating to farm income. This free event is hosted by the Virginia Cooperative Extension at the Loudoun Extension Conference Room. Please register by February 27th by… Read more »

Will the death tax finally be put to rest?

Will the death tax finally be put to rest?  In this second in a series of articles on changes on the horizon as a result of the Republicans controlling the White House and both Houses of Congress we will explore the possible changes in the estate and gift tax rules.  This will be a brief… Read more »

Outlook on the Trump Administration

On January 20th Donald J Trump took the oath of office to become our 45th President.  The President and 115th US Congress will be developing their agendas for the current session over the next couple of weeks and months.  Regardless of how you feel about the outcome of the election, you must start preparing for… Read more »