What’s in My Bag | Stay productive

One of my favorite features on lifehacker.com is “Show Us Your Bag“. Readers snap a picture of their work or travel bag and discuss the contents, which sometimes provides good insight into improving your work process or findings cool new gadgets to incorporate into your daily routine. The other reason I’m a fan of Show… Read more »

A Case for Data Loss Prevention Tools

As a person in the IT field, I typically consider the Silicon corporate giants to be on the razor edge in terms of the technology and tools they’re using on their networks; however, all too often I find that I am seriously mistaken in that assumption. Disruptive Driving On my drive in to the office… Read more »

The Consistency of Change

In 1965 Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel Corporation, famously said that due to the shrinking size of transistors, processors would double in speed every year. While he revised that to every 2 years, 10 years later this prediction held true until about 2009. This was known as Moore’s Law. With the speed of processors becoming… Read more »

Open or Closed?

There is no shortage of topics in the IT world that generate a lively conversation and heated discourse. Some of those topics include password requirements, maintaining data in-house versus storing it in the cloud, trusted versus untrusted scanning procedures, penetration testing versus vulnerability scan testing, Star Trek or Star Wars, etc. The possibilities are endless…. Read more »

Fool Me Once, Shame on You | Cybersecurity & Emails

It seems that Cybersecurity and emails are not going to leave the news cycle anytime soon.  Taking the politics out of this, there are some good insights to be gained.  Read on for a digest of important points from FBI/DHS report (no politics included). Small Scale, Big Impact With the release last week of the… Read more »

Resolutions are Fun but Policies are Even Better!

The Holiday Season is behind us and a new year is ahead. We have all made our resolutions to be wiser, healthier, and wealthier. This week we are all back to work with a new excitement about IT Policies… Policies are similar to resolutions except they are made to be kept. Every new year we… Read more »

Thanksgiving is over and a New Year is Approaching

Thanksgiving is over and we are head-on into the Holiday Season. Before you get caught up in the gifts, the carols, and the parties let’s take a few minutes to think about the new year that is closely approaching. Many of us make new year’s resolutions to get organized, lose weight, exercise more, etc. All… Read more »

Plan for the Worst: Cyber Contingency Planning

Plan for the Worst: Cyber Contingency Planning By: Bryan T. Newlin, CPA.CITP, CISA It’s election day. We hope you voted, but here is something to read that has nothing to do with the election. It’s no surprise that the issue of cybersecurity has boiled its way to the top of the pot of “things that… Read more »

You Can’t Always Tell a Pirate by His Flag!

You Can’t Always Tell a Pirate by His Flag! By: R. Curtis Thompson, CPA.CITP, CISA IT is a busy profession and management is always looking for ways to save money. Those two pressures can be dangerous and may even lead to illegal behavior by good honest people. I am talking about software piracy. That may… Read more »

Taking the “Knee-Jerk” out of Knee-Jerk Reaction

Taking the “Knee-Jerk” out of Knee-Jerk Reaction   By: Laura Combs, CISSP Recently, I was reading an article about the latest NSA data breach that was disclosed last week. A Booz Allen government contractor working for NSA (Harold Martin III) was arrested in August, and veritable treasure trove of classified and unclassified information was discovered… Read more »