Technology and your Mission Statement

Almost every company has a Mission Statement.  This mission statement should reflect your values and answer the question ‘Why do we exist?’  For most companies their strategic plan is reflective of their mission statement.  But what about the IT plan? One of the pillars of YHB’s mission statement is to provide fulfilling careers.  In order… Read more »

BSA/AML and the IT Department

The banking world is a dynamic and complex place. When I first began performing IT audits a dozen years ago, the IT world was a bit of a silo, relegated to the back room. The past few years, however, have seen the profile of IT rise to the Board room level through the increased electronic… Read more »

Don’t Wanna Cry No More

Last Friday around lunchtime employees at several NHS hospitals around the UK received an e-mail stating a number of servers were down.  Then, one-by-one, their workstations began displaying the now tell-tale red and white background.  So started the tsunami-like wave of what is being called the “Wanna Decryptor” or “Wanna Cry” ransomware virus epidemic.  After… Read more »

Document Retention: What questions could there be in your policy?

For me, this time of year is busy trying to get my summer projects planned, the IT Budget finished, and updating policies.  One policy that is of particular interest is Document Retention.  Most people think of this policy in terms of legal issues but it is much more!  I remember purchasing a server about 15… Read more »

SOC Changes for 2017 & Cybersecurity Attest Engagements

Few people, I suspect, spend their free time combing through exposure drafts from the AICPA or the Auditing Standards Board. However, it’s our job to know what changing in the accounting and attestation standards and make sure you are aware. So there are a few changes coming your way that we recommend brushing up on… Read more »

What is Old is New Again… Cybersecurity

As a person who has spent the majority of my life experiencing amazing advances in technology all around me, I occasionally find myself losing touch with the sense that all of this technology is based on ideas that have existed for millennia. I find this to be especially true in one of the areas I… Read more »

What’s in My Bag | Stay productive

One of my favorite features on is “Show Us Your Bag“. Readers snap a picture of their work or travel bag and discuss the contents, which sometimes provides good insight into improving your work process or findings cool new gadgets to incorporate into your daily routine. The other reason I’m a fan of Show… Read more »

A Case for Data Loss Prevention Tools

As a person in the IT field, I typically consider the Silicon corporate giants to be on the razor edge in terms of the technology and tools they’re using on their networks; however, all too often I find that I am seriously mistaken in that assumption. Disruptive Driving On my drive in to the office… Read more »

The Consistency of Change

In 1965 Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel Corporation, famously said that due to the shrinking size of transistors, processors would double in speed every year. While he revised that to every 2 years, 10 years later this prediction held true until about 2009. This was known as Moore’s Law. With the speed of processors becoming… Read more »