More Stories About Russians

The news media seems obsessed with Russians.  Whether it is their involvement in the election, relationship with Donald Trump, or assassinating ex-spies, there doesn’t seem to be a day without some scandal involving the Russians.  On April 16th the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT), a part of the Department of Homeland Security, released… Read more »

Lasting Impacts

Forty-eight years ago today (April 10, 1970), Paul McCartney announced the official breakup of the Beatles. It’s true that relations had been declining for some time, but Sir Paul’s announcement was the first public acknowledgement that the end had arrived. The reverberations of their music continues to ring through popular music even today. And although… Read more »


YHB has been named in the nationally published Accounting Today’s 2018 Top 100 Accounting Firms annual publication, as one of the top regional leaders in the Capital Region (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and West Virginia). This honor continues YHB’s 70 year legacy as a regional leader within the accounting world. YHB has appeared on the list… Read more »

“GDPR” – Another Acronym You Need to Know!

Privacy is important to all of us but to most Europeans it is even more critical.  I was at a conference a while back and the presenter made the comment that European’s trust of companies and governments are colored by the events of WW2 and totalitarian regimes that used personal data to subjugate and terrorize… Read more »

Back to Basics: Protecting the Perimeter

The past several articles in the Back to Basics series have addressed controls inside the network—passwords, user management, and mobile device security. But even the best of these controls are for naught without strength at the perimeter of your network. Today we consider ways to minimize cybersecurity risk to your organization’s system from the outside… Read more »

Planning for Potential & Seizing Opportunity is Critical for Manufacturers

“Manufacturers Indicate Increased Optimism for 2018 – Planning for Potential and Seizing Opportunity is Critical.” – According to Leading Edge Alliance National Manufacturing Outlook Survey For the second year, YHB and LEA have released the results of the 2018 Leading Edge Alliance (LEA) National Manufacturing Outlook Survey. More than 450 manufacturing executives participated in the… Read more »

SEC Guidance on Cybersecurity

On Wednesday, the SEC issued new guidance for public companies on the disclosure of information about a cybersecurity incident or risk. The previous guidance was issued in October 2011 and a lot has changed since then.  The new guidance is not clear on some of the expectations about timing of informing the public or the… Read more »

YHB Launches Wealth Advisory Firm

Winchester, VA (February 15, 2018) — Yount, Hyde and Barbour (YHB) is proud to announce the creation of a new subsidiary, YHB Wealth Advisors. “We are very excited to be able to offer financial planning and portfolio management services through YHB Wealth to clients,” said Scott Moulden, President of Yount, Hyde & Barbour. “This past… Read more »

Back to the Basics: User Access Management

Ok, so I’m terrible at sports analogies. Forgive me. But with the ever-increasing business risks that come with plugging a computer into a network it often feels as though you’re leading your organization down the gauntlet. I picture American Gladiators circa 1990 with Nitro shooting a tennis ball cannon at us while we try to… Read more »

Related Party Transactions

As calendar year-end audit season moves into full swing, you can expect to receive a request from your audit firm for your related party listing. Related parties can sometimes be a topic of confusion and gray area.  While judgment may still be required when applying the standards to your entity, hopefully the overview below will… Read more »