Client Focus: State Theatre of Culpeper

May 4th was a day that many residents of Culpeper and beyond had eagerly awaited. After years of renovation, the historic State Theatre opened its doors to the public; but this wasn’t just any grand opening – Bruce Hornsby was there to entertain an already sold-out concert. The 1938 Art Deco theatre, once a vital part… Read more »

Client Focus: CLEAN’s Glow Run

Are you ready to Glow in the Park? This evening fundraising experience, the first of its kind in the Shenandoah Valley, is less about the run and more about the fun! Enjoy the glowing course and entertainment with your friends and family. Come walk, run, or dance… but definitely GLOW! All donations are tax deductible and… Read more »

Are You Ready for Healthcare Reform?

From YHB Manager Chris Frye‘s blog, More Than Just the Numbers… Are You Ready for Healthcare Reform? Last month, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to sit on a panel hosted by the Capital Area Franchise Association (CAFA). The roundtable discussion focused on identifying practical solutions to respond to the provisions of the Patient… Read more »

Culpeper Partner Helps High Schoolers Entrepreneurial Spirit

For the second year in a row, Culpeper Partner Gary Lee was a semi-finals judge in the E-Squared Competition among students in the Culpeper County High School System.  The panel of seven judges heard oral presentations from four teams of students whom had earlier developed written business plans to attract potential investors to support their entrepreneurial ventures.  Each… Read more »

North America CACS 2013 Day 3

NACACS 2013 in Dallas is done.  Take a deep breath of Texas air (compliments of the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport HVAC system) and savor the sweet scent of knowledge and Cinnabon. The morning session was a summary of some basic controls for managing cyber security threats. I’ll be honest– there was no new information here… Read more »

North America CACS Day 2

Day 2 of NACACS is wrapping up and sessions were energized, topics were relevant, and it’s clear that ISACA gets industry leaders to share their knowledge.  The morning started with all conference attendees at a panel discussion focusing on generic IT Risk, Governance and Control issues. In general, I find panel discussion to be a… Read more »

North America CACS 2013 Day 1

The RAS Team (three of us anyway) are attending the ISACA North America CACS Conference in Dallas, Texas this week (April 15-17). If there were an IT Audit Comic-con, this would be it. Minus the awesome costumes.  Unless you count cowboy hats and belt buckles (which I do– I brought a different belt buckle for… Read more »

YHB Partner Published by Virginia Business Magazine

On Thursday, Virginia Business Magazine, the state’s premier business publication, published an article by Richmond Partner Curtis Thompson. His article is entitled, “Congratulations! You Are Now In Charge of IT!” You can read the article in its entirety here.

Chamber Visits Our Winchester Office

We love a good social media campaign. It’s a great – and free – way to get good information to the public. The Top of Virginia Regional Chamber in Winchester has such a campaign going right now. Every day, someone from the Chamber – from the Director of Membership to the Chairman of the Board… Read more »

40th Anniversary of the Cell Phone

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the first successful cell phone call.  On April 3, 1973, Motorola’s Martin Cooper stood on a street corner in Manhattan and called… his competition at Bell Labs. It’s impossible not to consider how far mobile device technology has come in forty years and the impact on our work and… Read more »