’tis the season for filing taxes, and luckily for you it’s an area in which YHB excels.

YHB Tax Partner, Elaine Cain, discusses what makes YHB different when it comes to taxes:

Although I don’t have much time to watch television this time of year, when I do catch a few minutes during the day, there is always an ad about using an on-line software program to prepare your own return or a way to get your “billions” back from the IRS for all of the deductions you are missing.  And, I think to myself, okay, this might work for some individuals, but not everyone.

Many people should consult a professional accounting firm, like ours. But what makes Yount, Hyde & Barbour different?  Why would someone choose us?

So, I began to consider the top 5 reasons for choosing YHB (and I hope that our clients agree):

5.       Knowledge and expertise:  We keep current on the regulations that seem to become more complex each and every day.

4.       Specialization:  Our firm has a multitude of industry and technical specializations to offer our clients.

3.       Understands me and/or my business:  At YHB, we learn all we can about you, your family, and your business to serve you better.

2.       Available and responsive:  We are there when you need us, whether it is to face a challenge or celebrate a success.

1.       People:  Our team members are helpful, friendly, and truly care about you and your success.

And just to add one more, I think it all boils down to the relationship.  We want to be your consultant for your financial decisions, even beyond the tax return.  We are an advisor for difficult decisions, planning for the future, and solving complex tax and business issues.  From starting a new business to succession planning, from planning for education of a child to planning for retirement:  YHB is here.  Our team is here.  And I am here for you.