YHB is proud to announce that Gregory Crawford, CPA, CVA, who serves as a member of YHB’s Tax Quality Control Committee, has been named a 2013 Super CPA by Virginia Business Magazine and the VSCPA. Greg is a previous recipient of this designation.


gregcforwebWe wanted to profile each of our Super CPAs and ask them a few questions regarding the designation.

About Greg:

For more than 20 years, Greg has been delivering accounting and advisory services that exceed client expectations. He joined Yount, Hyde & Barbour in 1986, after working several years for a small local CPA firm. At YHB, he has had significant experience in business valuation, litigation support, and tax and estate planning, with a focus on family business owners. Greg currently serves as YHB’s Director of Tax Services and oversees our continuing education program, as well as the Business Valuation Team.

Greg excels in working with high net worth families who have multiple business and investment entities that require a combination of tax planning, estate planning, succession planning, and business valuation services. His forte is being able to quickly develop an understanding of complex financial situations, so he can anticipate needs and devise comprehensive solutions that minimize taxes and maximize value.

Greg treats each client as he would like to be treated. He imagines sitting on the client’s side of the desk and asking what he can do to increase the client’s success. To this end, he first tries to learn all that he can about a client’s situation. Then he meets with YHB team members to decide the best approach to not only meeting the client’s needs, but also identifying additional ways to add value.

What does the recognition of being  a Super CPA mean to you professionally and personally?

Greg: While it’s very flattering to be recognized by your peers, I look at this as recognition for the entire Business Valuation team at YHB.  While I helped get our team up and running, and oversee and supervise much of the team’s work, it’s really the entire group that deserves the recognition.  Each of us have earned valuation designations, worked to get experience that helps us with what we do, and make the effort to stay abreast of new developments in valuations.  It’s good to know that what we, as a team, do is recognized and appreciated by both our clients and others in the profession.

When working with clients, what does service mean to you?

Greg: A long time ago, I recognized how good you feel when a service provider gives you great service-and how disappointing it is (sometimes to the point it angers you) when you don’t get the service you expect (and pay for).  With that in mind, I try to put myself on the other side of the desk-if I was the client, what would I expect?  I then try to at least meet, if not exceed, that expectation.  I think we, as consumers of services, always want good experiences-there’s nothing worse than having high expectations, and then being let down-so we have to continually strive to meet or exceed those expectations.  I want clients to remember us for the great service we provided them-not for disappointing them.

What is an important lesson you’ve learned in your career as a CPA, that you’d like to share with other CPAs and/or business owners?

Greg: As a CPA, I’ve learned that, often times, clients are motivated strictly by the financial aspects of a transaction-how much tax can they save, how much can they increase their return on their investment, how much can they improve their profit, etc.  However, sometimes there are other, nonfinancial factors that are as important-or, in some cases, even more important. It’s not always about dollars and cents. Because we work with finances so much, we often just automatically approach things that way.  However, we, as advisors to our clients, need to work with them and understand their motivations-be they financial or otherwise-and do our best to help them make informed decisions that help them achieve their goals, whatever they are.

Stay tuned for upcoming profile features on fellow Super CPAs, YHB Principals Olivia Hutton and Elsie Rose.