YHB is proud to announce that Olivia Hutton, CPA, and one of our Principals in our Winchester office, has been named a 2013 Super CPA by Virginia Business Magazine and the VSCPA. Olivia is a previous recipient of this designation.


We wanted to profile each of our Super CPAs and ask them a few questions regarding the designation.

About Olivia:

oliviaforwebSince beginning her accounting career at YHB in 1998, Olivia has focused on providing financial reporting services to nonprofit organizations, especially private schools, colleges, universities, and foundations. In addition to conducting audits and reviews, she has helped clients prepare Form 990, 990-T and Form 990-PF informational returns. As a member of our Nonprofit and Governmental Services team, Olivia has been named a Super CPA by Virginia Business magazine in the nonprofit/governmental field as well as the “Young CPAs” field.

Because she specializes in conducting audits for nonprofit organizations, Olivia has a thorough understanding of applicable regulations and audit standards. This expertise enables her to perform audits efficiently and issue accurate financial statements quickly after completing field work. In addition, she is very good at keeping lines of communication open and letting clients know about current developments in the industry and recently issued accounting standards.

For Olivia, the key to efficient service is learning all she can about an organization and its needs. She meets with management to find out whether the nonprofit has endowments, restricted funds or other financial features that require special attention. In conducting an audit, Olivia lets a client know what types of information she will need, documents internal controls and provides a draft financial statement as soon as field work is completed, so the client can review it at the same time a YHB principal does.