At YHB, we think our clients are great. Like, really great.  To make sure we’re meeting their needs, and to stay ahead of the curve, we recently sent some of our folks to the AICPA’s Practitioners Symposium and TECH+ Conference in Las Vegas to learn what the leading firms are doing for management, marketing, and technology. Good information always comes from conferences like this, but one particular slide in one presentation (What’s in Your Client’s Head: Building Client Loyalty by Lee Eisenstaedt and Tom Siders) stuck with us.  Messrs. Eisenstaedt and Siders surveyed 2,170 clients of CPA firms and compiled the top 10 issues faced by clients.

Always working to be in tune with our clients’ needs, the YHB Blog and our regular newsletter are going to tackle the top 10 issues facing CPA clients today.  Our firm is packed with experts capable of guiding you or your business through these tricky obstacles. Starting with our next e-newsletter on July 11th,  we will feature one major issue for the next 10 newsletters.  YHB’s industry leaders will show you how to navigate the following:

1.    Impact of Regulatory Changes
2.    Organic revenue growth
3.    New IT Systems
4.    Profitability & Cash Flow
5.    Recruiting & Retaining employees
6.    Geographic Expansion
7.    Succession/Exit planning
8.    Financing (Debt & Equity)
9.    Acquisitions
10.  Risk Management

So stay tuned and we’ll make sure you’re equipped to deal with the top 10 issues facing CPA clients today.