We’ve noticed a pattern – it appears that our community banking clients make great leaders.

Three of our clients  have been appointed by their peers to lead the Board of the Virginia Bankers Association.

Just recently, the VBA said thank you to outgoing Chairman Jeffery M. Szyperski, who is the President and CEO of Chesapeake Bank.

The VBA just welcomed Gary R. Shook, President  & CEO of Middleburg Bank, to the Board Chairman’s seat.

And next year, John R. Milleson,  President  & CEO of Bank of Clarke County, will be leading the VBA’s board.

The VBA represents all Virginia state and commercial banks from the smallest to the largest and works to represent the issues and activities that are of utmost importance to the banking industry, including governmental and legal affairs, to professional development, and partnerships with trustworthy vendors. The VBA seeks to better the industry as a whole, ultimately leading to better service to the customers and community needs of their member banks. You can learn more about the VBA by visiting

YHB is proud of our community bank clients and their dedication and service to the industry through the Virginia Bankers Association.