YHB has offered a summer internship program for more than 10 years.  As part of this program, we not only offer them the technical experience to become a great public accountant, but we also instill our philosophy as a community leader and express our core value as a partner and advisor to our clients and community as a whole.  Each intern has the opportunity to participate in at least one community service project, which has ranged from building homes with Habitat for Humanity to producing meals for the area Food Banks.  This year we had the opportunity to work with the Winchester Laurel Center to provide some much needed landscaping to their grounds.  It was a wonderful experience and we were able to learn some value information from a great local organization.

Here’s what some of our interns had to say about their experience at the Laurel Center:

Abby Youmans, Virginia Tech: The community service project at the Laurel Center was an awesome experience.  Not only was I able to work with fellow YHB interns and employees, but I also got the opportunity to provide service and assistance to an organization that has a great impact in the Winchester area. It was inspiring to see YHB get involved with the community and step outside the office. I enjoyed meeting all the dedicated workers at the Laurel Center and learning about all the services they provide.


Lexi Lentz, West Chester University: I had a great experience, and was glad that we were able to lend our assistance in cleaning up the two yards at the Laurel Center. It’s amazing how much we were able to accomplish within the two hours of being there. I am happy that we were able to volunteer for such a good cause like Habitat for Humanity.


Nick Allen, Shepherd University: I have always wanted to work with Habitat for Humanity, interning at YHB gave me that opportunity and it was very satisfying.  It was extremely satisfying to work in the local community and help the laurel center with their mission.


Alex Kuhn, James Madison University: Having the opportunity to work with Habitat for Humanity yesterday was a great way for me to give back to the community. I enjoyed working with the other interns and getting to know my potential co-workers throughout the day. Additionally, it was a great way to learn about the Laurel Center, which is a building that I feel like I may not have had the opportunity to visit had it not been for this internship.