Since its existence, YHB has demonstrated a culture of continual learning and community leadership.  As part of that culture, YHB has hosted an annual summer internship program for aspiring students studying to be public accountants.  It is a 6-week, paid internship program that is held during the months of June and July.  Over the years, YHB has accepted between 6 to 12 students into the program.  Participants are usually no more than 1 to 2 years from graduation, which includes being eligible to sit for the CPA exam upon graduation.  The summer internship program serves as a great platform to really get to know students and to give them an understanding of our culture and expectations.  It has been an excellent source of new talent pursuing a career with YHB.

The summer internship program includes a variety of experience that really focuses on what YHB has to offer.  Starting with the first week, students receive thorough technical training in both audit and tax.  They are then scheduled to participate in audit engagements and tax projects throughout the internship to reinforce what they have learned.  They also have the opportunity to visit all 6 of YHB’s offices, which includes face-time with many of our staff, site visits with some great YHB clients, and some social outings to really get to know each other.  YHB also focuses on leadership and teambuilding skills by including a team project each year that they present on the last week.  Finally, we focus on their community leadership skills by scheduling community service days.  This year’s community service included opportunities with the Richmond Food Bank and Habitat for Humanity in both Winchester and Richmond.