Super CPA: Greg Crawford

YHB is proud to announce that Gregory Crawford, CPA, CVA, who serves as a member of YHB’s Tax Quality Control Committee, has been named a 2013 Super CPA by Virginia Business Magazine and the VSCPA. Greg is a previous recipient of this designation.   We wanted to profile each of our Super CPAs and ask… Read more »

Top 10 Issues: Recruiting & Retaining Employees

by Adrian U. Taylor, CPA Tax Manager at Yount, Hyde & Barbour, P.C. Human capital is a critical component to successful businesses.  This is why selling your business vision or philosophy to potential new hires is important.  Equally important and possibly more, is reselling your business core values to top performers year after year.  Business… Read more »

UPDATED: City of Winchester Designated Virginia Enterprise Zone

by Elaine Cain, CPA, Principal Governor McDonnell recently designated four new Virginia Enterprise Zones (VEZ), including the City of Winchester.  The VEZ Grant program, administered by the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), is designed to encourage private real estate investment and job creation in these targeted areas.  There are over 50 current… Read more »

A Good Lesson in Marketing

Any business, no matter what it is you do, needs to market themselves. Many people may assume that marketing means selling, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. To YHB, marketing means relationships – building them, maintaining them, and growing them. Because after all, people do business with people that they know, like, and… Read more »

Inside Recruiting

by Neile Grady Martin Director of Human Resources Fall not only brings the changing of seasons and the start of football season, for public accounting firms it also marks the beginning of the fall recruiting season.  For many college undergraduate and graduate students studying Business and Accounting,  Public Accounting offers an attractive and exciting career… Read more »

Employer Responsibility to Notify Employees of Health Insurance Exchanges

By Chris Frye, CPA A widely overlooked provision of the Affordable Care Act is set to go into place in a matter of days.  Open enrollment for the new state or Federal run health insurance exchanges is scheduled to begin on October 1, 2013.  Many employers are still assessing their options with regards to maintaining… Read more »

Top 10 Issues: Profitability & Cash Flow

by Adrian Taylor, CPA Is it possible to make a profit and not have any cash?  Is it possible to make a profit and not have a good return on investment?  Is it possible to have cash without making a profit? The answer to all three is yes, but, not for very long.  It is… Read more »

Top 10 Issues: Mergers and Acquisitions

by David Henning, CPA, CGMA In the lifecycle of every business, there will be a time that a business owner will have to contemplate either growing their business by acquiring another business, or to look toward retirement and will decide to sell their business.  During this extremely delicate process, there are many aspects to consider… Read more »

Top 10 Issues: Risk Management

by Curtis Thompson, CPA.CITP, CISA Tom Cruise starred in the 80’s movie Risky Business about a young man taking advantage of the freedom he found when his parents went away on a trip. He found that running around with shady characters leads to a world of troubles. While we can’t slide across the floor in… Read more »

Does Your Business Need a Valuation?

By Sally Silver, CPA/ABV, CVA Telephone: (540) 662-3417 Although “tax season” is long gone, friends and family look at me in disbelief when I mention how busy we are.  “What could you possibly be busy doing this time of year?” they ask. Most people think that CPAs have a lot of down time after April… Read more »