Making Sense of a Home Warranty

As a consumer, when you purchase an expensive item, like a car or refrigerator, you expect to receive a warranty that the manufacturer will repair or replace that product if… Read more »

Enhance Your Bookkeepers’ Knowledge

Many construction bookkeepers have gaps in their knowledge about how to produce quality financial statements. That can matter at year-end. There is only so much your accounting or tax adviser… Read more »

Chris Frye – Chili Cook-Off Champion

YHB is proud to celebrate with Principal Chris Frye on his victory at the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Chili Cook-Off competition. Chris brought home gold while representing YHB at this… Read more »

Use a Systematic Approach to Set Your Prices

Companies must address four issues when selling products and services to make a profit. They’re commonly known as the four P’s: 1. Product, 2. Placement, 3. Promotion, and 4. Price. Of these, price is… Read more »

Put a Consultant on Your Team

An important distinction should be made between expert witnesses and litigation support consultants. These are two separate roles, requiring litigating attorneys to hire different individuals for each role. Once someone crosses… Read more »