YHB gets an audit!

It was our turn last month!  Bryan and Daniel from our very own Risk Advisory Services Team did our annual IT Assessment.  Like most of our clients, I had a pretty good idea of where we need some improvement.  But the great part of this exercise is putting it down on paper and having to… Read more »

Why does YHB’s Risk Advisory Services Team want to Blog?

Sounds like a reasonable question. There are a ton of good blogs on the internet covering all aspects of IT, accounting, business, and just about everything else. What can we add? It may be a new angle to understanding how technology and business work together. Maybe we can offer a few good ideas for running… Read more »

2013 Banking Technology and Risks Survey is Now Open

YHB’s Risk Advisory Services Team is proud to announce the opening of our 2013 Banking Technology and Risks Survey.  Building on the success of our 2011 Report, we have prepared a comprehensive survey to gather information and report on the current technology trends in the Mid-Atlantic’s community banking industry.  For those unfamiliar with our 2011… Read more »

North America CACS 2013 Day 3

NACACS 2013 in Dallas is done.  Take a deep breath of Texas air (compliments of the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport HVAC system) and savor the sweet scent of knowledge and Cinnabon. The morning session was a summary of some basic controls for managing cyber security threats. I’ll be honest– there was no new information here… Read more »

North America CACS Day 2

Day 2 of NACACS is wrapping up and sessions were energized, topics were relevant, and it’s clear that ISACA gets industry leaders to share their knowledge.  The morning started with all conference attendees at a panel discussion focusing on generic IT Risk, Governance and Control issues. In general, I find panel discussion to be a… Read more »

North America CACS 2013 Day 1

The RAS Team (three of us anyway) are attending the ISACA North America CACS Conference in Dallas, Texas this week (April 15-17). If there were an IT Audit Comic-con, this would be it. Minus the awesome costumes.  Unless you count cowboy hats and belt buckles (which I do– I brought a different belt buckle for… Read more »

40th Anniversary of the Cell Phone

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the first successful cell phone call.  On April 3, 1973, Motorola’s Martin Cooper stood on a street corner in Manhattan and called… his competition at Bell Labs. It’s impossible not to consider how far mobile device technology has come in forty years and the impact on our work and… Read more »

Cloud is King. And the Emperor Has No Clothes

The Cloud. The fluffy white condensate of technology.  It’s everywhere, and if you receive any sort of business/accounting/technology periodical, then you’ve undoubtedly read articles about moving to it.  The cloud evangelists come down from the mountaintops and tell us all how great the cloud is. And the industries have listened. In fact I have two accounting articles… Read more »

Basics of Disaster Planning

How can you tell where someone’s priorities lie with regards to their technology?  I submit that it’s by the placement of the Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS, or battery backup).  For example, my modem, wireless router, computer, TV and PlayStation® are plugged into two UPS devices.  No temporary disruption to power service is going to ruin my video… Read more »

How well is your data protected?

Let’s face it businesses run on technology.  How would your business survive without it?  Many business owners pay someone to take care of their computers and never think about IT.  Most professional IT people know what they are doing but what did you hire them for?  Was it to implement a security structure or to… Read more »