Cybersecurity and What You Can Do To Prepare

Let’s start by asking why someone would want to break into your network. When hacking first started back in the 80’s it was generally done for bragging rights. Hackers have now found that there is money to be made from information. It is easy to understand that stolen credit card information could be used to… Read more »

Who’s Email is it, Anyway?

The mission of deTECH is to break down complicated IT topics into more palatable bites for consumption by both technical and non-technical audiences.  Unless a security or regulatory issue arises that we think is important to you, we avoid topical discussion and keep things fairly vanilla, with a few bad jokes tossed in for good… Read more »

Accessing Your Information

Last week’s article on creating strong passwords struck a chord. We received quite a lot of feedback and appreciate all of your comments. A less-snarky version even found its way into Virginia Business. And yes, you are welcomed to forward any deTECH article to your staff, boss, neighbor, kids or parents. Password security is very… Read more »

Staying Out of the Hall of Shame

Anthem’s event was described as a ‘sophisticated attack’ and there is lots of great information on the web if you are interested in the particulars. I would like to discuss some of the finer points of this attack and how we can use this information to help protect ourselves. Let’s discuss some of these defenses…. Read more »

Back to Basics: Password Security

Think about passwords like the keys on your key ring. Would you install a lock on your home, car, or safe with a generic key used by lots of other people? I hope not. Consider a password a key that you can design yourself. With a little forethought and planning, your passwords can be strong… Read more »

Asset Management

Historically management provided IT with a listing of assets for review. This listing was maintained to track physical assets and software for depreciation purposes. As our reliance on technology has increased, this listing has grown, and now some IT departments are independently tracking their assets. If your IT department doesn’t have a complete inventory of… Read more »

Always Be Efficient

I am in a constant pursuit of improving efficiency. It began after my boss (he hates it when we call him that) Curtis told me a story when, as an engineering student, he was instructed to determine the fewest number of steps required to make a pot of coffee. I was intrigued by the concept and… Read more »

End of the Year Means Auditors for the IT Department

It is December again and many of us are looking to Christmas and the holiday season with joy and anticipation. However, our accounting brethren are looking to yearend work and the closing of the year’s accounting records. It is the time of year when the IT department is asked to produce an abundant amount of… Read more »

Examining the Incentives Part 2

In the last deTECH newsletter (blog) we addressed two key relationships, in-house System Administrators and third party IT Vendors, and a few of the incentives and associated risks driving their suggestions. This week we will address two more: Consultants and IT Auditors. Consultants (non-IT Auditors) For purposes of this newsletter, I am defining “consultants” as… Read more »

Examining the Incentives Part 1

In his book Freakanomics, Steven D. Levitt asserts that “Incentives are the cornerstone of modern life. And understanding them—or, often, ferreting them out—is the key to solving just about any riddle, from violent crime to sports cheating to online dating”.   It’s valuable for leaders to apply similar logic to the management of our IT systems…. Read more »