Fiduciary Tax under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is widely regarded as one of the most significant tax bills passed in the last 30 years,  affecting nearly every type of taxpayer when it was passed in late 2017.  While the majority of the changes under the new law were aimed at individuals and businesses, the new law… Read more »

Tax Planning After Year-End

In general, most tax planning strategies focus on actions a taxpayer can take before year-end to lower their overall tax bill for that year.  Unfortunately, if you are reading this article, the year-end deadline has already passed for 2018.  Fortunately, however, there are still a few tax planning strategies that you can employ now in… Read more »


When clients discuss their tax and financial matters with their CPAs and other advisors, they’ll often hear the term “estate tax exemption”.  Many are not familiar with the term, even though they may have heard it frequently.  While we all deal annually with income tax, not everyone has to deal with the estate tax.  What… Read more »

Charitable Gifting after the Tax Cuts and Job Act

Do you consider yourself charitably inclined? Do you frequently support charitable causes or organizations? According to the Giving USA 2018 Annual Report on Philanthropy, Americans gave a combined $410.02 billion to charities during 2017. While charitable giving is often seen as an ideal way for individuals to give back to the communities they live and… Read more »

The Season of Giving: Annual Giving is Still a Helpful Estate Planning Tool

Despite the increased Estate Tax Exemption to almost $11.2 Million per person, the practice of annual gifting is still a valuable estate planning strategy. Many of you are familiar with this strategy, and use the holiday season to share your annual gifts with friends and family. And, income tax savings takes center stage in some… Read more »

New ABLE Account Advantages

ABLE accounts were created with the passage of the Stephen Beck Jr. Achieving a Better Life Experience Act of 2014. An ABLE account is a tax-advantaged savings vehicle that can be established for a designated beneficiary who is disabled or blind. Only one account is allowed per beneficiary. ABLE accounts are programs established and maintained… Read more »

Have you done a payroll withholding checkup?

The IRS recently sent out a press release reminding taxpayers to perform a “payroll checkup” noting that changes made by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) may warrant an adjustment.  At YHB we have sent our serval articles and put on presentations to explain some of the significant tax changes made by TCJA and… Read more »