What is missing? | Disaster Recovery Planning

With all of the focus on Cybersecurity in IT these days I think it is important to not forget about your disaster planning.  A cyber-event can definitely be considered a disaster and sometimes your Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) could save you from a cyber-event but I want to talk about a basic element of a… Read more »

Succession Planning – Take Control of Your Destiny

Why do I need to do succession planning? Ask yourself the following questions: How would the business continue if something happened to me? Would there be an orderly transition of the business? Would our client/customer needs continue to be met in a timely fashion? How would the business be liquidated?   When evaluating the first… Read more »

Will C Corporations be the Comeback Kid of 2018?

Business owners are curious about the decrease in the C corporation income tax rate to a flat 21%, which begins in 2018 as a result of The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, signed into law in late 2017.  Prior to 2018, C corporations paid a maximum federal tax rate of 35%.  This decrease in the… Read more »

Tax Cuts & Job Act | Congress Passes 2017 Tax Reform

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has been approved by Congress and signed by President Trump. While the tax reform bill has seen various modifications and transformations, it now appears it has reached it’s final form as it was signed into law by President Trump December 22, 2017. updated 12/29/17   |   updated 12/27/17 Learn More… Read more »

Corporate Tax Reform

Our attention now turns to corporate tax reform.  As things continue to heat up in Washington many are questioning if it is even possible for the President to be able to address this campaign promise before the end of the year.  If the stock market is any indication, there is still hope that legislation will… Read more »

How Purchase Offers Factor into the Valuation Equation

Have you ever heard a business owner brag, “I was offered $X million for my business!” — or have you been lucky enough to receive an offer from another party to purchase your private business stock? Intuition says that such offers tell you how much an objective third party thinks your business is worth. However, a… Read more »