Being A Strong Leader | Great Leadership Is An Invaluable Tool

How often do you challenge your personal leadership skills? Why is this important to your organization? Surveys have shown that great leadership is an invaluable tool in retaining top talent. What is Leadership? Leadership involves motivating a group of people to pursue a common goal, or to accomplish a shared task. We frequently think about… Read more »

Contractor controlled insurance can benefit some growing companies

Most business owners aren’t content with running a small company. They want to see that operation grow and grow to become a major player — if not the dominant player — in their markets. This certainly holds true for construction companies. Most general contractors aren’t satisfied jumping from small job to small job. They want… Read more »

Attract and retain talent with equity-based compensation

Construction is a competitive industry. And contractors aren’t just competing for projects; they’re also competing for a dwindling supply of new management talent and other skilled workers. To combat this problem, consider incentives that can help you attract, retain and motivate quality employees. A powerful tool Among the most powerful tools for engaging employees and… Read more »

Failing to properly complete Form I-9 can be costly

In recent years, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency has focused its attention on construction companies and other businesses that rely heavily on foreign workers. And the agency isn’t just targeting companies that employ workers who are in the country illegally. It’s also penalizing businesses that fail to satisfy their employee verification paperwork requirements…. Read more »

Have you done a payroll withholding checkup?

The IRS recently sent out a press release reminding taxpayers to perform a “payroll checkup” noting that changes made by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) may warrant an adjustment.  At YHB we have sent our serval articles and put on presentations to explain some of the significant tax changes made by TCJA and… Read more »

Succession Planning – Take Control of Your Destiny

Why do I need to do succession planning? Ask yourself the following questions: How would the business continue if something happened to me? Would there be an orderly transition of the business? Would our client/customer needs continue to be met in a timely fashion? How would the business be liquidated?   When evaluating the first… Read more »

Who’s On First? | What is team building and why is it important? 

We most commonly think of teams in the context of sporting events. We watch the players run, hit, skate, or shoot, all within the prescribed timeline of a game or period, and at the end of the game, someone wins, and someone loses.  A team consists of a group of individuals working together to achieve… Read more »

YHB Celebrates Aspiring CPAs

Winchester, VA (July 20, 2017) — Yount, Hyde and Barbour (YHB) says a fond farewell to a dozen interns as their 2017 Summer Internship program comes to an end. YHB is holding its annual celebratory send off for their summer interns on the rooftop of the Discovery Museum in Winchester on Thursday, July 20th.  Will… Read more »


The Tuesday before Thanksgiving in the 11th hour, a federal judge in Texas issued a nationwide preliminary injunction halting the new Department of Labor’s FLSA overtime rule that was to go into effect December 1st. How did this happen? Twenty-one states filed an emergency motion for a preliminary injunction claiming the DOL exceeded its authority… Read more »