At YHB we realize that our success depends on the success of the communities we work in, live in and share. Therefore, from its founding more than 60 years ago, our firm has made “community” a core value. What does that mean to us — and you?

In a geographic sense, “community” means that we’re not just based in the areas we serve. We’re committed to their — and your — well-being. Because we live in them, too, we share your concern for our collective prosperity and quality of life. So we treat everyone like a friend and neighbor, not just a client, and place a priority on giving back to the communities we serve.

In a professional sense, “community” means our extensive network of contacts at banks, law firms investment advisors, and businesses throughout our service area — and beyond, through our membership in the international Leading Edge Alliance of accounting firms. This community enables us to connect you to the financing and expertise you need to achieve your objectives, as well as to leaders in business and government who can be of benefit to you as advisors, vendors or even customers.

In a firm sense, “community” means YHB’s collaborative, team-based culture. When you do business with us, you become a client of the entire firm, not an individual. This means you’ll be served by the people with the expertise it takes to not only meet your needs, but also to add value that increases your success.