Since our founding in 1947, Yount, Hyde & Barbour has taken a team approach to client service. This means we treat you as a client of the entire firm, not just an individual partner. As a result, you get the benefit of our collective knowledge and expertise, collaboratively developed solutions, and shared concern for your success. And that means more value for your dollar.

Our collaborative culture is a reflection of our strong sense of community that comes from being both community-based and community-oriented. We simply can’t imagine treating clients as if they weren’t people like us and part of where we live and work.

Within our firm, we realize that each of us has special strengths, skills and knowledge. So by working together as a team, we can leverage each other’s abilities to come up with more and better ideas about how to help clients increase their success. And through our unique “leadership circles,” we help every member of the YHB community fully realize their personal potential.

Externally, we’ve always treated clients and others in the areas we serve as an extension of our internal team. So we don’t think in terms of “them” and “us.” As we see it, we’re all one community.

Therefore, we go out of our way to build relationships with other professionals, business leaders and individuals of all types in the communities we serve. And while we have offices in Winchester, Culpeper, Leesburg, Middleburg, Richmond, and Roanoke, we live in and serve communities throughout Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Maryland. So we’re always part of your community.