99071367-c88a-4b01-afd3-3585459248f6The forecaster said last night that we will likely see major accumulations on Friday. What should you plan for?

From what I can tell, the average American’s disaster plan for snow is to go and buy as much bread and milk the store has in stock. But we need a better plan for work. The threats to our systems are mainly around power and connectivity. During a storm we need to consider business continuity as more of an issue. Our staff may not be able to get to work, will there be places for customers to park, and will other services we rely on be available?

Modern meteorology allows us to know of the coming storm a week ahead of time so let’s use this time to prepare. You might want to double check your UPSs and the fuel in your generator. You might also want to make sure you have backups available. If you are storing them offsite, you might want to make sure there is a copy somewhere you will be able to access. If you don’t regularly use the VPN, check to make sure everything is working with it as well. Another good idea is to have a quick huddle with your team and make sure everyone knows what the plans are and there aren’t any questions.

As for the continuing operations of your business, you should be sure that everyone knows what to do. If there are critical employees that need to get to work, will they be able to get there? If there is a plan for people to work from home, make sure they know how to connect and have all the equipment they will need. A reminder email to everyone could be valuable.

I know there are plenty of things I have not mentioned but hopefully it will get you thinking. Reminding people of things prior to the event may be the difference between chaos and a beautiful snowy day.

Good Luck and Let it Snow!


Throughout his time at YHB Curtis has provided IT audit and consulting to clients, even while holding the position of the firm’s IT director for several years. Now, as head of the YHB Risk Advisory Services Team, Curtis focuses on assisting organizations in a variety of industries with internal audits and IT-related audit and consulting services. Also, he frequently speaks and gives presentations on SOX compliance, internal controls, and data security.

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