My apologies for letting this blog go stale for several months.  With a new year coming, we plan to take it as a renewal of our efforts to keep the deTECH blog running timely and offer helpful and valuable information.

To get back started, I want to share an article.  Monday was the 20th anniversary of texting.  That’s right, someone has kept track of the first text ever sent!  As ingrained as it is in our lives we forget that someone, somewhere had to be first.

In 1992 Neil Papworth sent the message “Merry Christmas” to his friend Richard Jarvis.  It is funny that we all learned the Alexander Graham Bell’s first statement over a phone was “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you!” but will generations in the future remember Mr. Papworth’s “Merry Christmas”?

Mashable has a pretty cool timeline on the history of SMS.  Check it out, along with the full article on Texting Turns 20: The History of SMS