Sounds like a reasonable question. There are a ton of good blogs on the internet covering all aspects of IT, accounting, business, and just about everything else. What can we add?

It may be a new angle to understanding how technology and business work together. Maybe we can offer a few good ideas for running your business or your IT Department. But most importantly, we hope to open up better communication and understanding between the business side or your organization and the IT side.

Too often, we see Management making decisions without IT’s input or making the decision solely on the work of IT without fully understanding the issue. Either end of the spectrum can cause things to go badly. In this Blog we hope to help.

Your next big question is probably about the name: deTECH. What is the thought behind the name? Since our goal is to create a better understanding of how IT fits into business, we wanted to take the technical jargon out the discussion; to ‘de-tech’ the conversation. We hope to find new ways to help the business run; to help ‘deTECT’ good ideas.

Over the next few weeks, we will be discussing security, budgeting, business continuity, and new technology. All good topics and all have been covered before but try us out. We think our perspective might just be a little different than you have seen before.