YHB offers a full range of third-party administration, compliance-testing and reporting services for all types of qualified defined contribution plans, including 401(k), 403(b), SEPS, and SIMPLES.  We can also help with participant education and enrollment meetings. Best of all, our services are scalable, so you can decide to use any or all of them.

Our dedicated Employee Benefits Services Team is highly experienced in assisting both employers and participants with all plan matters, from selecting a plan and determining contribution levels to advising about distributions and preparing a Form 5500 informational return. And we are available to assist you throughout the year, not just when a compliance report is due.

YHB currently provides plan administration and advisory services to a large number of clients like you, including contractors, professional practice groups, and family-owned businesses. We would welcome the opportunity to put our retirement plan expertise to work for you in these and other ways:

  • Analyzing the financial impacts and tax implications of various plans
  • Advising about plan selection and assisting with implementation
  • Compliance testing, annual valuation reporting and Form 5500 preparation
  • Calculating contributions and determining participant eligibility
  • Handling plan distributions and loans
  • Developing employee communications for the plan

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