Making informed decisions about your estate is not easy. You need to balance short-term needs for asset growth and protection with long-term wealth transfer objectives. You also need to decide who will get what, and how to minimize — and cover — estate and wealth transfer taxes.

That’s why you need the guidance of experienced professionals like those at Yount, Hyde & Barbour. Our Family Wealth Services Team has decades of experience in helping successful individuals develop and implement asset protection, trust, and estate plans that enable you to achieve your goals and maximize what beneficiaries receive.

In addition to a thorough knowledge of estate planning strategies, the various kinds of trusts, and the laws governing wealth transfer, YHB has a full understanding of the role family dynamics play in estate planning and administration. So we excel in working through differences and arriving at solutions that everyone involved can agree with.

We don’t just help you draft good plans. We help you implement them by coordinating our work with that of your attorney, investment manager, insurance agent, and other advisors, so you get the results you’re after. And if you need service of a type that one of us cannot provide, we can draw on our extensive community of professional contacts to obtain it.

Our estate and trust services include:

  • Planning and administration, including preparing annual tax returns
  • Estate settlement, including asset valuation
  • Counseling or serving as trustee or executor
  • Gifting and charitable contributions planning
  • Retirement distribution planning
  • Business succession and family succession planning
  • Creating family limited partnerships (FLPs) and family limited liability corporations (FLLCs)
  • Educating family members in wealth management

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