Litigation Support

Whatever the reason for litigation — marital dissolution, shareholder/partner dispute, fraud, insurance claim, or a commercial lawsuit — some type of financial information will likely play an important role in resolving the matter. How that information is analyzed, interpreted and presented could determine the outcome.

That’s why you need the assistance of accounting professionals who understand how financial reports are developed, what the numbers mean and how to use them in testimony to support your case. These are areas in which Yount, Hyde & Barbour’s Litigation Support Team excels.

Our forensic accountants have helped attorneys and their clients develop and use financial information to their advantage in a variety of cases. Our knowledge of many industries gives us financial insight that others find hard to match. And our litigation support experience enables us to assist with strategy by anticipating questions and issues related to the case.

Our litigation support team has an exceptionally deep knowledge of industry regulations and issues acquired through continuing professional education and active involvement in the below associations:

YHB welcomes the opportunity to be of assistance to you. Our litigation support services include:

  • Identification of hidden assets
  • Business valuation
  • Calculation of damages or lost income
  • Financial statement analysis and interpretation
  • Case strategy and expert witness testimony
  • Development of charts and other visuals for presenting financial information
  • Fraud detection and investigation
  • Critique of financial information presented by opposing counsel
  • Tracing of proceeds and distressed loan analysis

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