Not just accurate numbers — great service

No matter why you need an audit — regulatory compliance, loan application, trustee/shareholder requirement, merger or other reason — Yount, Hyde & Barbour can meet your need, efficiently and reliably. We don’t just present an audit report. We explain what the numbers and findings mean, so you can use them to make better business decisions.

In performing an audit, we make responsiveness a top priority. This means:

  • We’re flexible in scheduling our site work. We come out when it’s convenient for you and your staff, not just when it’s good for us.
  • We’re quick in resolving issues. Because we’re organized on a community basis, our engagement managers have a lot of decision-making authority. If they encounter an issue they can’t handle, they can quickly consult our practice leaders for an answer.
  • We offer engagement team continuity. Because our turnover is low, you’ll be served by many of the same professionals throughout an engagement and over the years.


But perhaps the most important reason to choose YHB is our deep and extensive industry experience. This enables us to bring our knowledge of best practices to bear on your needs. And that allows us to ask the right questions, provide insightful advice, and perform audits efficiently and cost-effectively.

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