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YHB provides the level of service you need for timely, accurate and actionable information.  There are numerous reasons for an audit – loan requirement, regulatory compliance, shareholder requirement, among others.  So when your business needs critical and reliable data, YHB is here, not just to offer our services, but to make sure your business is on the right path.

We conduct audits and present them in a way that adds real value to your organization. By knowing what the audited financial statements, notes and management letter really mean, you can make educated decisions with accurate information.

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YHB’s financial reporting expertise can also assist you with Compilations, Reviews, and Agreed-upon procedures. Each of these services can garner valuable tools that may be used to grow your business when a full audit is not required.

With 70 years of experience as a firm, we bring together a team who is well versed in a variety of industries. This allows us to ask the right questions, provide insightful advice, and perform engagements efficiently and cost-effectively.

YHB delivers all this — and more — for less than many other firms because:

  • We’re based in the communities we serve. So we’re not only more accessible than national firms with distant headquarters, we’re more responsive, too.
  • We’re right-sized for your organization. We’re neither too small to meet your most sophisticated audit needs (including SEC audits) nor too big to give you personalized, attentive and cost-effective service.
  • We’re known for our audit expertise. YHB has an outstanding reputation in Virginia and surrounding areas for the quality of our audit services and the friendliness of our professionals. We have consistently passed peer — and PCAOB — review with no comment letters, and several team members have been named “Virginia Super CPAs” by Virginia Business magazine.
  • We have connections that add value to our services. We’ve built strong relationships with community bankers, lawyers and other professionals that can expedite loan applications, minimize the scope of services required and help us serve you better and more efficiently than other firms.

The professionals on our audit team focus on conducting audits and reviews. So they have a depth of training, experience and expertise you’ll find hard to match.

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