Tax & Advisory Services

Taxes may be inevitable. But that doesn’t mean you’re helpless. In fact, with careful planning, you can often reduce your tax burden – and keep more of your hard-earned money where it belongs, in your pocket.

At YHB, we take a proactive approach to providing tax services that’s guided by over 70 years of experience, a thorough knowledge of tax laws and strategies, and a genuine desire to minimize our clients’ tax liabilities. Our specially trained tax advisors are among the very best at finding ways to help you save as much tax as possible. And we strive to always be available, responsive and helpful. So when we hear of a new way to save tax, we call you instead of waiting for you to call us.


In preparing returns, we take pains to make sure the numbers are accurate, the documentation complete, and the appropriate forms are submitted on time. Given that saving taxes often requires taking action well in advance of filing deadlines, we work with you year-round to make sure you act in time to fully benefit from the tax breaks available to you.

Our Tax Experts are Your Experts

Our tax team helps a large number of individuals, partnerships, businesses, corporations, trusts, estates and nonprofits meet compliance requirements and save tax at the federal, state and local level — as well as internationally. YHB would welcome the opportunity to put our tax expertise to work for you in these and other ways:

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